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And I stood still for a moment, to slow down the pace,

the swift speed I was in, changed the beauty of stillness,

stillness, which I adored so much,

It endowed me a moment of grace, a moment of purity

and now I feel alive again,


Just now I realized, that it has been a while,

since I last heard the voices, the echos,

of the thousands of expressions within,

and now when I go back again,

into the depth in search of them,

a divine feeling takes over,

and now I feel alive again,



(The meta-emotions of this poetry)

(line 1: the interview of Abhi Subedi is coming in my mind)

(line 2: I see the images of Tinkune while writing this line)

(Line 4, specifically the word PURITY: Leonardo Dicaprio in Basketball diaries comes up)

(Line 5: ….)


(Line 7: pink floyd)

(Line 9: a strong desire to rhyme the paragraph ending takes over)

(Line 11: I don’t know if it’s something I really feel, or my desire to make it sound beautiful)





So, what do you think ?