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Pokali Waterfall, Okhaldhunga, Nepal

Mero Desh Mero Jimmiwari( Part 1 Rumpel Sti


Nothing amuses more a child than nature.All of us,once in a while, after it rained (mostly) have seen a semi-circular collection of colors and screamed with joy,resolving the display of nature into what the childish conscience wants to make of it.Its just wonderful to see a rainbow, isn’t it?What if I tell you I have touched it! Yup, you heard me right and no I am not drunk.This can happen if you are in Nepal and ,would not mind traveling a couple of hours by road from the capital city to Okhaldhunga.

Okhaldhunga has hills in its courtyard and mountains at its roof.One of the seven components of Saptakoshi,which is the largest river of Nepal,Likhu river falls in the same district.Pokali,which is claimed to be the second highest waterfall of Nepal lies near the border of Okhaldhunga and Raamechap.To reach Pokali isn’t very difficult if you do not have any problem travelling by bus for some hours.

When I was planning to travel to Okhaldhunga,  I knew near to nothing about how to reach there. I just had a tiny piece of information that Pokali lies in Okhaldhunga and then one can see a rainbow in the waterfall. I went to the old buspark (KTM) and then enquired about the waterfall and the best route. No one seemed to have much information about it;not even the locals!! Finally someone informed me that the route from Ramechap is the shortest to reach the waterfall, of which the informant was “not so sure”.

If you’re planning to go to Pokali, this part is for you. We (me and 4 of my travel mates) took the long route by taking a bus to Sanghutaar (Raamechap). The fare was Rs 450 and the time of departure was 8:00 A.M. sharp in the morning.It took us nearly 7-8 hours to reach Sanghutaar. We stayed in the local lodge there which was very cheap. (50 Rs a bed and 80 Rs per meal which was rice and the likes that Nepalese prefer). The owner of the place was Mr. Ganesh Shrestha a.k.a. Ghadiwala (The Watch Man). He used to be a photographer of his time.We were fortunate to have a chance to see a vintage Yashika Camera which was 25 years old! The next morning, we had to hike for around 3 hours along the banks of Likhu river to reach Sirishe. I’ve heard that now-a-days one can get direct bus to Sirishe.We had our morning meal here at a local hotel owned by Sunuwar kaka(I dont remember his name but I cant forget his hospitality.). Still we are in Raamechap. From here, we could see the waterfall in the hills already. So close, yet so far. We crossed the river Likhu  and then from here started, Okhaldhunga. We hiked for around 3 hours through the farms and villages, rivers and brooks.Finally after 2.5 to 3 hours of hike, we could hear the waterfall roaring 500 meters before the actual location. It was just amazing!!

Being honest, I don’t have much words to describe the actual feeling.I mean, this entire journey’s experience is not-so-expressable with words. There is a committee which looks after the waterfall which was led by Mr. Om Subedi then. The committee’s work is praiseworthy, I shall say. There are stairs so that you can see the entire view of the waterfall. When at the foot of the waterfall, we could not hear our words well due to the roar of the waterfall.But, when we climbed the stairs to have a more closer look, we were just spellbound. Once there, you will find yourself looking at an angle of 75 degrees, trying to see the origin/head of waterfall. Visit there during rainy seasons Shrawan  (July / August) and you can see the waterfall at its best. Plan accordingly so  that its sunny when you get there. And then, at the other end of this perfect plan, you can touch a rainbow formed by the rays of sun striking the droplets from the waterfall. Again, a small information here. You can get a direct bus from KTM to Dhade (Okhaldhunga). This way you don’t have to put much effort to reach the waterfall exactly.

Lastly, I had assured Mr. Om Subedi that we will advertise about this place through facebook and internet which at that time I was unable to. This blog post is an attempt to put some light to one of the most beautiful, yet shadowed places in Nepal. To everyone, who reads this (specially to those Nepali feet craving for newness) Pokali hits the must-reach list. Its near to ktm, easily reachable, cheap and top of all mesmerizing. This article might have some flaws and places where I can correct myself. Write me at manishlamichhane@gmail.com if you need more information or have some feedbacks. So long readers!



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